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Can you afford to stand still using fossil fuels?

“To survive, one must adapt to change” — Charles Darwin (1809 - 1892)


Craven Energies has a very focused team that draws on diverse yet extremely complementary skills and shared knowledge. The range of consultancy services we provide, include the following:

Energy Audit

We will conduct a free initial energy survey to gather the high level information needed to identify energy cost savings through reducing waste and inefficiencies. Having identified and prioritised the areas where improvements can be made, a more in depth feasibility study can be completed to provide fully costed recommendations and to calculate the potential cost savings that can be achieved.


Energy Savings

We can undertake the installation and commissioning of agreed energy saving solutions such as voltage optimisation, boiler management, energy efficient lighting and space heating controls. Installation of these of technologies could result in savings of between 15 - 40% and the return on your investment could be achieved in within two years.


Energy Management

Systems now provide crucial information for domestic and commercial users who wish to monitor their utility consumption and costs. Single or multiple utilities, such as solar, biomass, electricity, gas and water can be monitored and shown in real time using a range of on-site displays and web based cloud reporting which are easy to understand and encourages changes in behavior to reduce energy waste, costs and carbon emissions.

Remember the old business adage; “what you can’t measure, you can’t manage” is still very true today.


Energy Generation

Low carbon technologies such as photovoltaic solar panels, biomass boilers and thermodynamic atmospheric panels generate or use renewable sources of energy. Implementing these solutions in the right circumstances can reduce your reliance on traditional fuels and help manage your costs. What’s more, the government financial incentives currently available, for example, feed in tariffs and the renewable heat initiative could provide a source of income and return on your investment in a little as four years.

Contact us today for your FREE initial survey to find out how much you could save by moving over to renewal energy sources. You are also invited to see some of our current developments to learn how our customers are already benefiting from our services.